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  • Rewarp’s little butthurt

    When all else fails and you fail in defending your arguments, what do you do next? You threaten a legal suit, of course!

    Apart from the colourful language in use by the butthurt Rewarp and his equally retarded pal Derrick (please excuse their “Latin”, folks…atheists aren’t known for their morality or ethics) against me, I think some clarification is necessary to answer the accusations made by the little sore butthurt KK boy working at SPCA:

    1. While I initially believed that Arlene Tan was MHSAW at first (which I clearly said was in my personal capacity…aren’t anyone entitled to hold onto their own beliefs?), subsequent evidences discovered have made me revise my opinion in that Arlene Tan may actually know who is MHSAW, or is connected in some way to a person who does know MHSAW personally or even MHSAW herself.

    2. After discovering the owner of the IC held by MHSAW, I have a deep suspicion that Adlin Abd Jalil could be the real MHSAW. Until today, there has been no police report lodged by Adlin herself against the people who may or may not have used her IC unwillingly, which leads me to suspect that the use of Adlin’s IC was consensual and intentional. Note also the lack of coverage by these same group of people, as opposed to their prominent sound-bytes of denials when the news first broke out about Arlene Tan being actually the real MHSAW. As if they are sweeping everything under the carpet and do not want to draw any more attention to themselves.

    3. Having said this, however, I still believe that if Arlene Tan is properly questioned by the police or authorities concerned, she may be able to give them new leads to apprehend MHSAW and not just that, the whole atheist movement in Malaysia. Which, I think, is the real reason as to why these people are vehemently protecting Arlene. She is the keystone to the whole puzzle, you bring her down and everyone else connected to the whole movement will go down with her in flames.

    Update (30/08/2011): You know, I find it eerie when I am proven right all the time. My suspicions are confirmed: Arlene Tan does know MHSAW and she is definitely connected. Don’t believe me? Read the “love letter” that MHSAW sent to the sex-crazed Arlene and her loving BF. Credit goes to KID-CSI, Anonymous and GaySec.

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    28 Aug

    Tackling the local militant atheism front

    I have really been away for a long time. Perhaps it was my fault for focusing too much on global militant atheism threat and militant apostate websites in the likes of FFI and their ilk, to the extent that I did not realise that on the local scale, the atheist / apostate movement was growing rapidly. I thought I had stunted it in its tracks when I played a role in opposing “Murtads From Malaysia” (MFM) which, by the grace of Allah SWT, eventually imploded on its own.

    That was six years ago.

    Continue reading…

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    24 Aug

    This is the real face of “Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al Wuzara”

    Address information covered up in order to please The Source concerned. You know who you are.

    When you compare both side-by-side, there is no way you can deny that it is her. Her new IC details can be seen here and if you compare that photograph with her new IC, doubtless that you will see that it is the same person. I should also point out that although the ICs compared are definitely the same, we cannot be sure if it is the same person. Maybe MHSAW is a coward and a liar, so much so that she dare not display her own IC?

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    16 Aug

    End of the line for MHSAW

    It has been a rocky ride. Although Arlene Tan is not MHSAW (and I will not apologise to her, regardless, because I still think she’s an apostate for comparing Islam with communist North Korea), it became the catalyst for me to investigate deeply as to who is really MHSAW. The breakthrough came when someone passed on to me a list of “suspects” with the same IC digits as MHSAW’s ICs on her blog. I took it to my source last week and today, I finally received the good news: MHSAW is checkmated, her identity has been revealed.

    Later today, I will be going over to collect the documents from my source. Once I have scanned these documents which reveal the identity of the person in those ICs who may or may not be MHSAW (although I don’t see any reason why anyone would be stupid enough to allow MHSAW to take someone else’s cards and display them publicly), her anonymity will be no more. Just be patient and wait for the next 72 hours.

    Malaysia’s worst internet troll in recent memory has finally reached the end of the line.

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    16 Aug

    Gayboy faggot “Asy’ari J. Asni” exposed

    This is a bit of an interlude while I await the results of the investigation I am conducting to expose the real MHSAW. This particular Singapork boy (whom I found out to be an open faggot) is a fan of MHSAW on Twitter and various other pages involving MHSAW. To cut a long story short, I tried a soft approach to understand what is the real angst behind his deep-set hatred of Islam. However, this guy chose to insult me, my family and my unborn son. After that point, I decided to ignore him to go after the real Dajjal (MHSAW) but other Muslims were not as forgiving as I am. So this expose which made its rounds all across the social networking web was more than enough to make the gayboy faggot shake in his boots and run for cover.

    Oh yes, Asy’ari….karma is really such a bitch when it’s not on your side, eh?

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    14 Aug

    The ban hammer is out

    Just banned an idiotic dipshit who thought that he was trying to be a smart-assed, funny little dipshit by calling me a “douchebag”. You can call me whatever you want elsewhere but on my own home ground? Sorry fucktwit, ain’t gonna happen. Not on my home ground and I have zero tolerance to crass behaviour. Not even shark lasers will be able to help you out on this one.

    I have thought of banning the other dipshit too, but thus far he hasn’t given me a good reason to — apart from his consistent pathological lies about me. If he keeps up with the consistent lying though, I will do it however.

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    14 Aug