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  • Repurposeful blogging

    So I disappeared again for several days before reappearing again. I make no apologies for doing that, after all I have a lot of things to do with my life than to create nasty Facebook pages about someone else’s son or insulting and demeaning Islam via Facebook and Twitter, like a certain fugly, flowerhorn face bitch that I know.

    Anyway, I think it is time for me to stop posting about eclectic or personal news about myself or my family on this blog, and go back to what I originally intended for it when I first started it: to focus in issues related to religion and comparative religion. I would have included issues about Malaysian politics as well, but since I already own Suara Malaysia, I don’t really quite see the point. Perhaps I will make one or two comments about Malaysian politics occasionally, but it will no longer be the focal point of this blog like it used to be.

    For eclectic and personal blog postings, I have decided that I will continue doing that at House of Ideas.

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    26 Oct

    Holidaying at Rocky Point

    Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, is a beach city in the northwestern corner of the state of Sonora in Mexico on the shores of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), about 70 miles south of the border with Arizona. It actually refers to the area in which Americans first built homes, just outside of town and close to a mountain in the area known as Cholla Bay. Rocky Point will be the best place to find your dream real estate. You and your family will have the best place for relaxation and recreation because the panorama around the real estate is excellent. You can enjoy your days together with your family with the great environment. Therefore, Rocky Point is not only for a great dwelling house, but also for getting fun and joy. Puerto Penasco is a popular destination for tourists, particularly those that reside in the U.S. state of Arizona since it contains the nearest beaches. And many students from Arizona, New Mexico, and California find a map of rocky point and go to this place during spring break. Not to mention that going there does not need any immigration paper and all. Since the most popular things in Rocky Point area are sandy beaches and sunset, if you are looking for any properties, you’d better look for ones that are located in the beach area of sonoran sea rocky point. The most popular accommodation for vacation in the area is condominium. After all, tourists are there to have fun and enjoy the beaches and sun. Thus, investing in one or some of the great condos will be a very good idea.

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    17 Oct

    My son is born!

    Alhamdulillah, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah SWT, I am now a proud father to Mu’awiyah Rayyan Nieshaem bin Mohd Elfie Nieshaem. He is named after:

    Mu’awiyah: A Companion of the Prophet SAWS and the first Caliph of the Ummayad dynasty, Mu’awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan. (Source)

    Rayyan: Name of a gate of Paradise. Also means “he who has a radiant face” in Arabic. (Source)

    He is such a handsome little bundle of joy. His arrival is definitely a blessing from Allah SWT and I will never ask for anything else.

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    13 Oct

    Suara Malaysia is mine

    SuaraMalaysia.com is now officially mine. If you have been around the Malaysian blogosphere long enough, you would know that it used to belong to a militant atheist keling with strong secularist tendencies. I’d rather not talk more about the previous owner who (ab)used this domain in the past because I think that the past is the past and besides, whatever influence he had back then (and he had aplenty) is now lost in time. Fast forward to today, I purchased the domain a few days ago for USD $60 and long story short, the site Suara Malaysia will be the place for me to republish my old and latest feature articles related to Malaysia and Malaysian issues.

    In any case, I’ll be tracking down and republishing articles which I used to write for various media publications since 2004. I will also start writing new articles which deals with current issues that Malaysia is facing today. Perhaps I will also delve into my own ideology and vision for Malaysia, while offering solutions to the malaise that the country is in at the moment. Perhaps there will be people out there who will share my vision and hope for a better Malaysia, with Islam at its core.

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    03 Oct