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  • Some recent developments

    A lot has happened since the last time I updated this blog. Looking back, here are some major developments that I have been doing around the World Wide Web.

    1. I have finally taken control of a domain I lost to domain snatchers, six years ago. Introducing Brand New Day, which is intended to be a site focusing on me, me and only me. This might sound very narcissistic but it is very necessary. My online war against the murtadds have made them sit up and take notice. Some of them are repeating the age-old lies and polemics which were circulating circa 2006 – 2019 in order to “discredit” me.That’s probably because these nasty polemics are the only ones that have survived in various incarnated forms until today.

    2. Speaking of the apostates, I am pleased to say that murtadd.org now belongs to me. Unlike the “Canadian” bitch of a previous owner *snigger* I have rededicated the site for an Islamic cause. Now instead of it being a pro-murtadd site like it was in the past, it is now an anti-murtadd website which aims to take a stab at the heart of the murtadd propaganda. What an ironic twist of events indeed.

    3. Most of the time, I am active on Facebook and Twitter. While I originally never intended for those two to supplant the updating of this blog, these two services can be really addictive and takes up most of my time when relaying news. I really do want to return to regular personal blogging, but since I have a lot more work to do for the business and also the Muslim activism aspect of my online life, I can’t promise much. I think I should start drawing up a timetable on specific times for the updating of my blog(s). That way, I won’t be rushing from one end of the WWW to the other end and get nothing done for the effort.

    I guess that is all I have to say at the moment. Oh yeah, why the ostrich? Because he’s cute.

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    30 Mar