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  • BERSIH 3.0

    See you at Dataran Merdeka later in the day.

    Updated 26/6/12: It was a success! To see my photos during the BERSIH 3.0 rally, click here.

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    28 Apr

    It’s Friday the 13th

    Thought I’d just put this up here because it is exceeding funny, but you have got to admit that even Christians are not totally free from silly myths and superstitions such as these. Popular culture has made the myth viral, but that does not change the fact that the story of Friday the 13th being a day of doom or bad luck is just plain nonsense. And yes, we have the Christians and Christianity to thank for perpetuating this myth.

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    13 Apr

    Bleach anime has ended

    So the anime episodes of Bleach has ended for two weeks now, and I am still feeling a deep sense of loss inside me. It has been a really long ride with Bleach, and I had followed the anime series right from the beginning to the final numbered episode of 366. To be honest, I didn’t think that Bleach could have lasted after arc depicting Aizen’s defeat. The series was starting to go downhill with the intermittent filler arcs, but I always had the original story-line to look forward to. The current “final arc” being published in the manga feels rushed and does not seem to hold true to the spirit of the previous storylines, which is probably why they terminated the anime after the final defeat of Ginjou.

    Still, it was great while it lasted. Now I need to find another anime series which can replace the void left by my weekly doses of the Bleach anime. Read more about the entire plot of the anime Bleach on the anime database.

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    12 Apr

    No wonder English is sorely lacking among UMNO idiots

    No wonder UMNO idiots like this person who calls herself “Noel Chenta Umno” have a lack of command in English. I nearly choked on the glass of Pepsi I was drinking. With such a horrible level of atrocious “Engliuirsh”, it is no wonder their absence of intellect is matched only by their incomprehensible foolhardiness in constructing a simple paragraph in the English language. And you don’t need to know “epistemology” to see how terrible the English is.

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    08 Apr

    Is Good Friday really “good”?

    Christians should take the trouble to explain why the “death” of “god” (especially with a punishment as horrible as the crucifixion) should be considered “good” above all else. I would think that for someone whose “god” died, they should be mourning instead of celebrating. But as usual, Christians (and in extension, Christianity) defies natural human behaviour when something sacred to them “dies”.

    As for the Muslim position on the matter, we believe that Isa a.s. was not God and that he was never crucified on the cross by the Romans.

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    06 Apr

    MENJ does not run pornography websites

    There has been this annoying claim among the Islamophobes who hate my guts (basically because I am openly waging an “online war” against their kufr) that I own and run a network of pornography websites, and that I earn money from such sites. In the past, I have ignored such allegations because I had thought back then that it was silly and it will die out on its own. I was wrong about the latter part. This lie has been picked on by many of my online “enemies” who have a axe to grind where I am concerned, simply because of my stance against apostasy from Islam.

    I am categorically denying that this has happened or ever occurred. I do not run pornography websites and I have no interest of managing any. Anyone who repeats this lie is nothing more than a pathological moron who repeats the lie simply on hearsay. My open statement on this matter can be read here.

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    01 Apr