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  • Vehicles taken to auto repair shop assured of the best service

    You can be struck with a feeling of total helplessness when your car breaks down and you need to get it to an auto repair shop. The feeling of frustration gets further multiplied if you are very dependent on a vehicle for your day to day work, and the lack of which can cause you to lose out on much needed income.

    Being without a vehicle can also greatly increase your expenses for traveling, and the cost that can come from repairs can upset your financial plans, especially if you are living from paycheck to paycheck. That is why it is necessary that you visit the right facilities, like auto repair shop, so that you can get the work done from people who will accurately diagnose the problems, and save you both time and money. They have mechanics, who take pride in their work, and understand the fact that without a car, life is difficult, and they need to work hard to see that you get your vehicle back in the best condition and as quickly as possible. Continue reading…

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    20 Jun

    What you should know about caregivers

    If you want to find caregivers in Youngtown AZ, you should know that there are basically two types of caregivers – stay-in caregivers and caregivers who work in caregiver centers. In this article, we’re going to provide with information about caregivers in general, and not necessarily provide that’s specific to caregivers in Youngtown, AZ. What does a caregiver do? He or she is a person who is trained in caring for adults. A caregiver assists senior citizens (as well as others who need help) in their personal care, like taking a bath and getting dressed, and everywhere else where the adult may need help with, like nutrition, cooking, cleaning and going to appointments. Continue reading…

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    06 Jun

    Borderlinx says this is “obscene and pornographic”

    Honestly, by what stretch of the imagination can this poster (from by the way, so one knows that this is from a reputable company) be seen as fitting the definition above?

    Borderlinx says this is obscene and pornographic

    Borderlinx has refused to ship this poster to my address, so I’ve decided to get it rerouted to another US address. Paid $35 to get it done as well. Unless this new forwarder I am sending the poster to says the same thing as Borderlinx (which I most definitely doubt!), I really don’t see any problems in getting this. Once this product arrives at my doorstep, I will elaborate on what transpired between Borderlinx and I.

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    01 Jan

    Oh, I am calm indeed….

    Oh, I am calm indeed....

    …but too bad that I cannot say the same for those primitive apes Oh, I am calm indeed.... The backstory behind my run-in with Babindons can be read here.

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    13 Oct

    Why Indognesial will always remain a third world nation

    Why Indognesial will always remain a third world nation

    Rakyat INDOG dasar miskin, hina dan banjingan, pengemis yang menyalak-nyalak seperti anjing cacat akal, seperti menuduh orang lain maling sedangkan budaya lintas negara bangsa, suka memalsukan fakta sejarah demi assabiyah, penghasut dan pemfitnah palsukan gambar para pemimpin negara lain, kebodohan Indogs terserlah dalam TKI yang hanya mampu menjadi pembalap, bibik dan pelacur di Malaysia. Bahasa digunakan penuh kata nista, cerca dan hujatan seks karena pikiran penuh dengan cita cita ingin ngentot siang dan malam.

    Ganyang Indognesial Raya!

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    05 Aug

    Fake Quora troll has been banned!

    Alhamdulillah, this is a great victory for me personally and for Islam in general when I visited Quora today and noticed that the admins have taken action on the fake profile created by the Islamophobic troll impersonating my son.

    Fake Quora troll has been banned!

    Truth is always clear from error, and trully Allah SWT is the Most Just and Most Merciful who has heard my du’a to remove this troll from the face of the web. One day this murtad troll will lose his head and I await joyfully for that day to come when I do him the honour. Allahu Akbar! Off with his head!

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    19 Jun