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  • It’s a black day


    It’s truly a very dark day for Malaysia and the world. Not only there was a ground invasion on Gaza, there was a MAS plane shot down by Ukrainian rebels.

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    18 Jul

    Anonymous declares war on Israeli cyberspace

    The video above is the hacktivist group Anonymous‘ declaration of “war” on Israeli websites and online services with the aim of destabilising Israeli presence in cyberspace. Personally I was quite taken aback by this sudden attack from Anonymous. I never expected them to be pro-Palestinian. It’s all good though, and I heartily support their aims and eventual goal towards this end.

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    08 Apr

    Malaysian opposition challenges 56-year rule

    Interview with Nurul Izzah Anwar by the Australian News Network. Most of what she said in this interview is already known to me, but it will certainly be of interest to those who are unaware of Malaysian politics.

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    06 Apr

    Mahathir’s best friend

    Let the facts speak for itself.

    Source: Karminder Singh Dhillon, “Malaysian Foreign Policy in the Mahathir Era, 1981-2003: Dilemmas of Development” (NUS Press: 2009), p. 247

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    20 Sep

    Suara Malaysia is mine

    SuaraMalaysia.com is now officially mine. If you have been around the Malaysian blogosphere long enough, you would know that it used to belong to a militant atheist keling with strong secularist tendencies. I’d rather not talk more about the previous owner who (ab)used this domain in the past because I think that the past is the past and besides, whatever influence he had back then (and he had aplenty) is now lost in time. Fast forward to today, I purchased the domain a few days ago for USD $60 and long story short, the site Suara Malaysia will be the place for me to republish my old and latest feature articles related to Malaysia and Malaysian issues.

    In any case, I’ll be tracking down and republishing articles which I used to write for various media publications since 2004. I will also start writing new articles which deals with current issues that Malaysia is facing today. Perhaps I will also delve into my own ideology and vision for Malaysia, while offering solutions to the malaise that the country is in at the moment. Perhaps there will be people out there who will share my vision and hope for a better Malaysia, with Islam at its core.

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    03 Oct

    I will never trade Malaysia for another country

    Published recently on The Malaysian Insider. This is my story.

    If the principles of jus soli were strictly enforced in the country, I wouldn’t even be registered as a citizen of Malaysia. Thirty-one years ago, my father was working for a multinational corporation based in the Sillicon Valley and he brought his young bride along. I suppose I was conceived during this time. I was born in San Jose, California in the United States.

    I even have a US birth certificate and a US passport (expired in 1988) to boot. The US recognises dual citizenship so I have no doubt that I am already recognised as a citizen of the US. But because my parents had the foresight to register me at the US Embassy in Washington, DC using Borang W, I became a Malaysian citizen at birth. My father could have made the decision to stay. But he didn’t. He came home to Malaysia with his family in tow.

    I grew up in a middle-class family and was for most of my life based in Penang, having been enrolled into a private school (Sekolah Sri Inai). The majority of students were non-Muslim Chinese, I was only one of the very few Muslim students around in the whole school.

    Regardless, I had a lot of inter-racial contact and I count a lot of non-Muslims and Muslims alike as among my closest friends during this time period. Back when we were children, the issue of race and religion did not count for much, not even during the 1990s.

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    28 May

    Let’s play “Spot the Agong”

    Taken during The Royal Wedding of the year…literally. So can anyone spot our very own Malaysian monarch, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong?

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    30 Apr

    Al-Jazeera International interviews DSAI

    Compared to the joker who “impressed” us all [not!] with his [lack of] “powderful England”, this man is certainly miles ahead although I wouldn’t say that it is perfect. But Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sure is articulate and impressive.

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    14 Nov