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  • Parliament is dissolved


    Its finally official. The Dewan Rakyat has now been dissolved, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced during a live television broadcast today, paving the way for the 13th general election. Read more about it here. This is the moment of truth for Pakatan Rakyat to present their manifesto as this is the best time to win the General Elections. People sentiment has shifted to Pakatan over the years since 2008. Everyone has come to realise that UMNO / Barisan Nasional is not invincible.

    The coming days should be very interesting indeed. The time for change is now!

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    03 Apr

    Chua Soi Lek is an anti-Islam turd head

    I only have one question to ask UMNgok leaders: why are you working together with a man who clearly hates Islam to the core and insulted one of your state representatives in Johor?

    All the more reason for me to reject Barisan Nasional and to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in this coming general elections.

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    04 Jul

    PAS President: “Islam and politics are one”

    It is good to read this report from TMI which quotes the PAS President at the 57th Muktamar 2011 reaffirming the Islamic ideology that, contrary to the munaafiqun secularists’ claims, Islam and politics are one. There is no such thing as “separation of state and religion” where Islam is concerned, it just does not enter into the Muslim psyche at all.

    “Umno only wants to retain power and not uphold the Malays and Islam because Umno Malays still support Barisan Nasional even when PAS candidates contest against the MCA and MIC but many non-Malays have shown their commitment to PAS by voting for our candidate,” he said.

    He added that it was PAS’s responsibility to continuously introduce the teachings of Islam to the people and free them from the shackles of ignorance and political injustice.

    “Allah has demonstrated that all nations that have held steadfast to Islam have become leading nations in the world… While Muslims from any nation that have left Islam even though rich became destructive, cruel, weak and are not qualified to lead and eventually will be destroyed,” he said.

    To me, this is the biggest difference between UMNO and PAS. UMNO is (mis)using Islam to achieve political power, whereas PAS uses politics for Islam’s gain.

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    03 Jun

    Things happening lately

    Quite a lot of things had happened since the last real update to this blog (am not referring to the filler posts in between) was actually written by yours truly. In my defense, I have been busy working on and developing a strong directory network, as well as travelling back and forth between KL and JB. Speaking of JB, I have a scathing criticism of this “city” which I plan to blog about soon, but not now. Lets just say that the end-result isn’t going to make JB citizens happy, but tough criticism is needed to lure some folks out of their self-delusion.

    In brief, here are some major events that took place in the past couple of weeks.

    • Japan earthquake and tsunami. My heart goes out to their people of Japan and my condolences for their loss and personal tragedy. I am as usual amazed at the Japanese resilience and steadfast determination to recoup and rebuild their losses in the wake of the massive destruction. I saw the videos of the earthquake and the tsunami destruction especially…it wasn’t pretty.
    • Libyan uprising and revolt. The sooner that madman Muammar Gadhafi is kicked out of the country, the better it would be for Libya and its residents.
    • Alleged DSAI “sex tape”. Nothing more than lies, lies and lies. BN will find out that continuously playing on this issue will only make them self-destruct in the end.
    • Sarawak elections. I seriously doubt Taib Mahmud can be voted out of office (unfortunate as that may be), but miracles can happen. No one expected Barisan Nasional to lose their two-thirds majority in 2008, right?
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    30 Mar

    KJ and his “Pakatan” obsession

    I couldn’t help but leave the following comment on one of his posts about his “vision of doom” for the Pakatan Rakyat alliance. I am not going to give him traffic so I am not going to link to it. I have no doubts that the comment will most likely not be published, so I am reposting it here for your enjoyment.

    YB Rembau, I cannot forget your unabashedly rude statement bordering on defamation during the March 1008 campaign when you said “DAP main PAS dari kiri, PAS main DAP dari kanan, Anwar main dua-dua dari belakang” as well as your other rude comment during the same campaign period, “di akhirat nanti bulan akan hancur, hanya DACING yang tinggal”. So much for your “dire” predictions, eh? You have been playing on the same tune about Pakatan Rakyat for months now. Considering that your vision of doom has yet to happen, it just goes to show how bankrupt you have really become.

    I wonder how he would respond to this?

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    31 Aug

    And the propaganda has begun

    I find the “Berlainan Parti – Satu Identiti” propaganda advertisement that you can see on RTM both offensive and humourous at the same time. Offensive, because they are trying to smear the Opposition by associating them with street thuggery and violence (even though the BERSIH march that they featured so prominently were also participated by several NGOs). Hillarious too, because is this not the very theme that the BN has been playing all this while, “Unity in Diversity”?

    One should not be throwing stones at glass houses, I always like to say.

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    14 Feb

    Vote Bee Ann, you idiots!

    Its the 50th anniversary of Merdeka. We have sacrificed our lives to give you Independence and without the consensus of Barisan Nasional you will not be where you are today. Barisan Nasional has given you Merdeka. Show your gratefulness and grovel before our might, you scumbags.

    Vote for Bee Ann!

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    17 Jul