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  • Rob Jones’ evil twin

    I pointed this out several months ago in a blog post at House of Ideas entitled See the difference? and needless to mention, it elicited little response from the Texan motherfucker Rob Jones. Since my Digital Point Forums account has been unbanned, and I know that any postings I make here will appear in the forum, I have decided to do a little link-baiting here and connect this blog to the original blog post I made earlier.

    There’s no need to repost the comparison photos either, a link is good enough. I am sure it is bound to send the decrepit old man in flames…assuming if he sees the feed from a forum thread of mine, eh Robber Bones? Rob Jones evil twin

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    08 Oct

    Repurposeful blogging

    Repurposeful blogging

    So I disappeared again for several days before reappearing again. I make no apologies for doing that, after all I have a lot of things to do with my life than to create nasty Facebook pages about someone else’s son or insulting and demeaning Islam via Facebook and Twitter, like a certain fugly, flowerhorn face bitch that I know.

    Anyway, I think it is time for me to stop posting about eclectic or personal news about myself or my family on this blog, and go back to what I originally intended for it when I first started it: to focus in issues related to religion and comparative religion. I would have included issues about Malaysian politics as well, but since I already own Suara Malaysia, I don’t really quite see the point. Perhaps I will make one or two comments about Malaysian politics occasionally, but it will no longer be the focal point of this blog like it used to be.

    For eclectic and personal blog postings, I have decided that I will continue doing that at House of Ideas.

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    26 Oct

    Things happening lately

    Things happening lately

    Quite a lot of things had happened since the last real update to this blog (am not referring to the filler posts in between) was actually written by yours truly. In my defense, I have been busy working on and developing a strong directory network, as well as travelling back and forth between KL and JB. Speaking of JB, I have a scathing criticism of this “city” which I plan to blog about soon, but not now. Lets just say that the end-result isn’t going to make JB citizens happy, but tough criticism is needed to lure some folks out of their self-delusion.

    In brief, here are some major events that took place in the past couple of weeks.

    • Japan earthquake and tsunami. My heart goes out to their people of Japan and my condolences for their loss and personal tragedy. I am as usual amazed at the Japanese resilience and steadfast determination to recoup and rebuild their losses in the wake of the massive destruction. I saw the videos of the earthquake and the tsunami destruction especially…it wasn’t pretty.
    • Libyan uprising and revolt. The sooner that madman Muammar Gadhafi is kicked out of the country, the better it would be for Libya and its residents.
    • Alleged DSAI “sex tape”. Nothing more than lies, lies and lies. BN will find out that continuously playing on this issue will only make them self-destruct in the end.
    • Sarawak elections. I seriously doubt Taib Mahmud can be voted out of office (unfortunate as that may be), but miracles can happen. No one expected Barisan Nasional to lose their two-thirds majority in 2008, right?
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    30 Mar

    Here’s a trillion dollars if you shut up

    Here’s a trillion dollars to those mahaliar58 fans who are polluting my blog with their inane comments, if you stop praising that motherfucker as a “good Muslim”, STFU and get lost from my blog forever.

    Heres a trillion dollars if you shut up

    More exposures of mahabodoh58 to be published soon, insha’allah. Stay tuned! For those curious about the “Zimdollar” bill, they can read about it here.

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    04 Jan

    Critical Thoughts “retro” is online

    Critical Thoughts retro is online

    I decided to get around importing my very old blog posts, complete with comments and all, dating back from 2005 – 2007, during a time when this blog was still hosted on the menj.org domain under the same name. The reasons why I took it offline were numerous, chiefly among them being that I wanted a new direction for myself and the blog. At the same time, I do recognise the value of these old posts, as they were made during my formative years while cementing my ideology and it shaped up into who I am today.

    So in recognition of that fact, I bring to you Critical Thoughts Retro…bigger, longer and uncut. I’ve dumped all the old posts under one category as they are here strictly for archival and historical purposes. Most of the posts have broken links and broken images anyway, so they are in fact very outdated. If I actually have the time, I might go around fixing them but I don’t plan to do so for the time being.

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    03 Oct

    Moved to a new domain

    Moved to a new domain

    My Bahasa Melayu blog, which was previously located at www.menj.org, has been moved and pointed to a “new” domain at www.ibnjuferi.org. Pendapat Kritis is now very much established and so far, I have not come across any issues. It makes more sense to use this domain instead of the previous one, as it pairs up very well with Critical Thoughts‘s own URL. Like two peas in a pod. Two sides of the same coin.

    You get the picture.

    That, plus the fact that the blog has escaped a nasty Google penalisation that involves the old domain. I am not going to get rid of the menj.org domain, however, as that serves as part of my identity. I am already planning on something new to do with it.

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    04 Feb