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  • Barisan Nasional’s greatest contribution

    What we have been saying for years has now been vindicated.

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    16 Dec

    Benazir Bhutto was corrupt

    After reading this salient account of the Benazir Bhutto history by Tariq Ali, it is perhaps not a hard thing to surmise the circumstances behind that fateful day of December 28th 2007 when she was assassinated. The fact that she was the darling of the United States of A didn’t help either. She was touted as that great Beacon of Democracy, the Female Messiah who will carry the Shining Torch of Justice and Freedom to an oppressed Pakistan in every foreign media, but that account just changes every positive view I ever had of Benazir Bhutto.

    It just goes to show that Washington will back the most corrupt and brutal dictators and politicians in the Muslim World in order to subjugate Muslims to their Christian tyranny and imperial hegemony.

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    02 Jan