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  • I am Muslim

    A very quaint and apt message.

    Since Ramadhan is coming soon, this means that I would have to up my ante in my online da’wah efforts and start focusing on developing and building my Islamic niche websites. Things have not been going so well for me recently on the business-side (partly due to the Eurozone crisis and the recent Penguin update from Google), but I trust in Allah SWT that the situation will improve soon, insha’allah. On that aspect, I have looked into several initiatives to increase my $$$ so that it can be used to fund my da’wah work. May Allah SWT grant me success in this endeavour.

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    26 Jun

    I am quitting from blogging

    Yes I am quitting from blogging for good. Or at least blogging on this particular domain name, no thanks to a Google uppercut which caused a massive drop from PR5 to a big fat zero. Yeah, how to cari makan like that? I might as well move my house elsewhere.

    And before you jump up in the sky and say “hurrah!” (at least with special reference to those people in question who include several unnamed individuals that I am loath to name)…

    ….say hello to this.

    P/S: And trust me, the powerless, bloodied, half-naked Roman criminal swinging from a cross has nothing whatsoever to do with my decision.

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    17 Nov