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  • Rob Jones’ evil twin

    I pointed this out several months ago in a blog post at House of Ideas entitled See the difference? and needless to mention, it elicited little response from the Texan motherfucker Rob Jones. Since my Digital Point Forums account has been unbanned, and I know that any postings I make here will appear in the forum, I have decided to do a little link-baiting here and connect this blog to the original blog post I made earlier.

    There’s no need to repost the comparison photos either, a link is good enough. I am sure it is bound to send the decrepit old man in flames…assuming if he sees the feed from a forum thread of mine, eh Robber Bones? :mrgreen:

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    08 Oct

    SEO and Internet Marketing forum

    After my wife was unjustly banned for so-called “sharing” an account with me on Digital Point Forums (not sure how I did that, since I am 200km away from her and have no idea what her password is), I’ve decided to boycott DP for good and start an internet marketing forum of my own, something that I’ve always wanted to do for a long time but was put on hold due to other business concerns. I had a vBulletin license on VCTech Network which laid dormant, so I decided to use that. Next question was what will be the domain name for the site? Well, that was easy to answer since I didn’t know what to do with the menj.org domain that I own.

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    24 Oct