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  • Borderlinx says this is “obscene and pornographic”

    Honestly, by what stretch of the imagination can this poster (from Amazon.com by the way, so one knows that this is from a reputable company) be seen as fitting the definition above?


    Borderlinx has refused to ship this poster to my address, so I’ve decided to get it rerouted to another US address. Paid $35 to get it done as well. Unless this new forwarder I am sending the poster to says the same thing as Borderlinx (which I most definitely doubt!), I really don’t see any problems in getting this. Once this product arrives at my doorstep, I will elaborate on what transpired between Borderlinx and I.

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    01 Jan

    Visitors Like Sanjay Patil Experience the Nation’s Capital

    Washington D.C. tells the story of a nation. Tourists like Sanjay Patil discover the past and envision the future as they explore the capital of the United States. Washington D.C. is full of historically significant attractions, but it has a surprising cultural side as well.

    Monuments and Memorials

    Washington D.C. is home to a substantial number of monuments and memorials honoring those who gave their lives for their country or played significant roles in the history of the United States.

    Although it doesn’t take much time to visit, the Lincoln Memorial is a favorite of travelers like Sanjay Patil MD. The Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s second inaugural speech are etched in the walls. A stunning spectacle, the Lincoln Memorial is at its most dramatic when viewed after dark. Continue reading…

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    24 Sep

    US gun controls

    Americans are in furious debate over gun control laws. Honestly I don’t expect things in the US to change anytime soon, because as long as Americans hold on to the attitude that owning guns is a “right” (regardless of the fact that it can and has been abused before), we will be hearing more mass-murder incidents by individuals on civilians.

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    20 Dec

    Osama Bin Laden is dead

    The man that the US of A love to hate is officially dead as a doornail, apparently shot in a US-led commando raid on his hideout somewhere in Pakistan. When I first read the news, the first thing I felt was relief. After all, a good Khawarij is always a dead one. OBL’s greatest mistake was to pick out civilian targets for his so-called “global war” against the US, and I never could understand the rationale for doing so. If he had launched his attacks against Israel, that would have made better sense. Then again, the Khawarij never had a record for ever thinking straight or take into consideration the immense harm they would do to Islam in general and the Muslim ummah in particular by killing innocent lives.

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    04 May

    Events in Washington DC with Professionals in the City

    Do you know that there are many events going on in Washington DC, especially during New Year’s Eve? It would be hard to check out the things that are happening in the city itself without relying on some sort of service. Professionals in the City, one of the USA’s largest social network for professionals, is the place where people can can find events according to their professional interests. If you have never had a taste of what it is like during New Years Eve Washington DC events, then you certainly will not be prepared for the time excitement and entertainment as the capital comes to life with a party-like atmosphere. With so many things to do on New Year’s Eve, you have countless opportunities to get to know new people and meet old acquaintances on New Years Eve DC. You’ll have a night you’ll never forget.

    More than 200,000 members of Professionals in the City may participate in hundreds of interesting events in cities such as Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. By becoming a registered member at Professionals in the City website, you will get access to variety of events such as speed dating, bachelor auctions, dance parties, master classes, trainings, seminars and even men-only and women-only parties. Not only are there events listed about New Years DC, there are also trips being organised to countries such as Columbia, Egypt, Switzerland, Croatia and other place for either work or pleasure. Once you sign up, you will receive all info about these future events and plan your calendar. You can stay involved in all the events, make new acquaintances in your professional field and make exciting dating connections. Age is not a problem as you can choose among three major age groups.

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    06 Apr

    What PPS has which other blog aggregators don’t


    Even though it is running on Pligg, Project Petaling Street has been modified to accommodate only blog pings. That makes it different from other standard installations of Pligg. Not trying to toot my own horn here, but PPS has many things which other blog aggregators (most especially a certain “PPS Killer” *snigger* hosted on a UK server) do not have.

    Among its more interesting features are:

    • Fast, dedicated hosting server with a robust system, protected from hacks. Hosting is based in the United States. PPS also has its own dedicated IP, which is good from an SEO perspective.
    • Ability to vote or comment on a blog ping. This is a feature that was planned from its very inception but was never implemented until the move to the new system.
    • Has the groups feature where users can set up their own communities and get other PPS users according to their specific interests.
    • A list of popular tags being used by PPS users, with its own page.
    • You can see the live activity of the site and how PPS users are engaged in using PPS.
    • Unlike a certain “PPS Killer” *snigger again*, all links are SEO-ed and are dofollow. There are no redirects from the pings, all links point straight to the specific blog post. This means that unlike other blog aggregators, PPS works great for search engines and will pass Google PageRank juice to your blog posts.

    In the future, I plan to have more functions added such as a login integration feature with Facebook Connect and other features that I will not list here at the moment.

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    05 Jan

    Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater’s Secret War in Pakistan

    Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill talks about his bombshell story in The Nation about Blackwater’s involvement in targeted killings, drone attacks, and other covert operations in Pakistan.

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    28 Feb

    President Obama

    President Obama

    A lot of people are pinning their hopes that the new American President will bring change, especially to the destructive foreign policies initiated by his predecessor. His inauguration speech was no doubt very inspiring, it was like a breath of fresh air listening to it compared to the donkey that inhabited the White House before him. People are focusing on the colour of his skin as the impetus for initiating change but before I throw in full support behind him, I want to see what his actions are.

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    21 Jan

    Barack Obama and family in pictures

    If you are looking for historical pictures of President-elect Barack Obama and his family, there is a good resource online which you can see here. A very interesting collection of photographs of a young Barack Obama, his parents and grandparents, as well as his family.

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    08 Nov

    Obama is President of the United States

    There was never any doubt in my mind that Obama would win the Presidency of the United States. People were getting fed-up with the eight years of Rethuglicans misrule and the economic situation didn’t help either. So they elected an intelligent, charismatic candidate who can deliver the goods.

    Despite the Democrat win, I am still adopting a “look-and-see” approach to how President Obama will handle the many problems left behind by the Bush administration. The only things I want done differently is that the US must pull out of Iraq, be an honest broker for a just peace in the Middle East, vis-a-vis the Palestinian issue and stop threatening countries with war if they do not get their way.

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    05 Nov