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  • Unveiling Christianity refutes the missionary agenda


    Unveiling Christianity was established for the purpose of examining and studying Christianity academically in tandem with spreading the truth of Islam and defending it against polemics and misinformation garnered by ignorance or a sheer distaste for Islam. It is our hope that the contents herein will benefit our readers and act as impetus for them to further seek and learn. We harbour no ill feeling towards the general masses of any religion. The purpose of Unveiling Christianity is to share, learn and above all equip the aspirant Muslim missionary with the necessary information to have effective scholarly dialogue with Christians. Visit the site today!

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    • October 2014|CriticalThoughts
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    25 Oct

    Pointless “dog debate” is really pointless


    A photograph from the 1930s showing the Mufti of Kelantan with the sultan of Kelantan’s pet dog used on the cover of William R. Roff’s book, Studies on Islam and Societies in Southeast Asia. The Sultan wanted to keep a dog but his sister objected and the case went to Al-Azhar University in Cairo with the clerics there informing that it was fine to own a dog.

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    25 Oct

    What You Should Do If You Need HVAC Repair Los Angeles

    If you have a broken HVAC in your home, you will need to figure out what to do next. You will need to get it fixed as it would not be good to have it not work well for you when you need it to. You will need to contact a good HVAC repair Los Angeles company to help you.

    The first thing to do would be to ask your friends and your coworkers if they know of anyone that would be worth going with. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of time. If someone you trust tells you that the person or company they use is a good one, you can trust that and can book them for the job.

    If you don’t get anywhere by asking around you will need to go ahead and look for a HVAC repair Los Angeles company online. The good thing about this is that there will be reviews and you can read them before you make a decision.

    Reviews are always good because they will tell you about the pros and cons of each company. They can let you know if they are late a lot, if they charge too much or even if they are worth going with in the first place.

    Spend some time looking at all the HVAC repair Los Angeles companies to see if one will work for you. If you find a good one, give them a call to come to your home and get started. They will come the first time to give you an estimate and then you can go from there.

    After the estimate you will set up a time with them to come and fix your HVAC unit. When you make this appointment, make sure you will be home when they say they are going to come. It would not be a good thing if they come when you are not at home.

    Make sure you keep all of your kids and your pets away from the area they need to work. You don’t want your pets jumping on them or your kids getting in the way. The worker will need to have space to be able to work on the unit.

    Once they have worked on the unit you will need to make sure you understand what they did. Also make sure it working right. Once you have all that information and you know it is working well, the worker can then leave.

    If you had a good experience, make sure to share it with others so they too can find a good company to go with if they ever need it. If you did not like the service, you don’t have to go with them again and you might want to leave a review about it.

    You will feel good once your unit is fixed so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It will work the way it is supposed to.

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    09 Oct

    SEO Services Glendale AZ At An Affordable Price

    Taking the time to ensure that your website is one of the best on the web can provide a number of benefits. Firstly, by cementing your presence on the web it becomes apparent that you are an authoritative figure that should be recognized in a certain light. When people see that you have a good presence on the Internet instant credibility ensures. Additionally, you can charge a good deal of money for ads, sell quality items, and offer quality services at an affordable price. SEO services Glendale AZ are one of a kind, no others compare.

    Whether you are establishing your presence online, or need to further cement your presence then it is a good idea to constantly have your website optimized. Search engine optimization has taken the Internet by storm and has allowed for many websites a sound solution towards finding a way to get all of their web pages to the top of the search engine charts. What many new owners of websites do not understand is that it takes a bit of time in order to cement oneself onto the high ranks of SEO, which is why a website can be seen as a long term investment.

    Through utilizing the best strategies on how to get to the top of search engines, SEO services Glendale AZ do what is absolutely necessary in order to help all customers reach the top of search engines. Far too many people do not realize that it does take a bit of skill in order to get recognized at the top of search engines. Also, while a website may appear at the top for a brief period of time, it needs to take other measures to ensure that it remains at the top for an extended period of time.

    What needs to occur on a consistent basis is the application of strategies to allow search engines to recognize the content on a specific website as credible. Search engines such as Google and Bing only locate articles, blog posts, and content from websites when the website actually produces quality content. That means that if a website is simply throwing up content without really taking the necessary measures to prove its credibility, then it will in time fall off the search engine rankings.

    In order to not only establish a presence on search engines but to also ensure that the website and content remains at the stop constant updates need to be made to the website. SEO services Glendale AZ can help make that a possibility. There are a great number of people who do not understand why their website drops in search engine ranks after a few months at remaining near or at the top. That is due to the fact that the algorithms for search engines constantly change, meaning that the criteria for what exactly is a quality website that deserves to be ranked highly in search engines changes as well. Look into SEO services Glendale AZ for more information.

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    09 Oct