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  • What you need to look for in a leadership development program

    There is no question that even the best of us can use a little bit extra training or some additional mentoring and development at some point in our lives. When it comes to the issue of leadership, you can always use more training to become a better leader. That is one situation where you are never going to get hurt by choosing to pick up additional skills. The question is: how do you know which leadership development program is the right one for your specific needs?

    This can be a complicated question to answer. Obviously there are leadership programs for pretty much every type or style of leadership under the sun. Not every training seminar is going to be the right fit for every individual person. Obviously the middle-management level of training for supervisor positions in an office job is going to be completely different than a leadership development program emphasizing wilderness survival, ability to adapt physically in rough situations, and leading in emergency situations or scenarios. Continue reading…

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    28 Apr

    How to find great DJs in DC

    If you’re looking to host a party in Washington DC, you may benefit greatly from hiring a DJ. It is without a doubt that having a DJ at a function, especially if it is a casual function, will greatly increase the chances of the function becoming successful. There have been many different individuals in Washington DC that have seen wonderful results as they have chosen to have DJs playing great music during the events that they have held. Finding great DJs in DC is much easier than one thinks, and here’s why.

    Many individuals may be surprised to find out that there are lots of up and coming DJs in Washington DC at the moment. Indeed, the music industry is currently booming, and due to the high accessibility of music software, lots of people have decided to become DJs and music producers. This is especially true in the DC area, where there are lots of young and talented DJs that are able to be hired for a very reasonable price. Now is a great time to utilize a DJ because there are simply so many of them, many of which are very talented. Continue reading…

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    27 Apr