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  • It’s a black day

    Its a black day

    It’s truly a very dark day for Malaysia and the world. Not only there was a ground invasion on Gaza, there was a MAS plane shot down by Ukrainian rebels.

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    18 Jul

    Shameless woman screaming and spewing racist slurs

    Not sure what she was so upset about. I get it, it’s a new car (judging from the image capture circulating around on the car information). But just because your car is “damaged” doesn’t give you the right to scream at the top of the lungs and later on blame the poor uncle’s race as a reason for your behaviour. You are truly one shameless woman, bitch. I am even ashamed to admit that you are a Muslim.

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    16 Jul

    This was what happened this morning

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    09 Jul

    Importance of air conditioning tempe

    When people live in an arid climate they often do not realize just how hot it is outside or why the air conditioning tempe is so important for them to have installed in their home. However, when people realize just how important this they will quickly want to have only the top rated air conditioners installed in their home. Once they have this, people will start to tell the difference between the extreme heat that Arizona experiences and the heat that is present inside of the home once the air conditioner has started to work properly.

    The first reason the air conditioning tempe is so important is it helps to keep the rooms cooler for people. While a dry heat does not cause as many health problems for people as a humid air mass, the dry heat is still hot. The heat itself is often high enough to make it to where people cannot sleep well, function right, or have other issues. However, with the rooms in a home being air conditioned people will be able to tolerate the heat better than what they usually can and this allows people to go about their normal life. Continue reading…

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    02 Jul

    Ideal low maintenance solution for lawns

    If you are living in Phoenix, you probably have to contend with a desert climate and the urban island heat effect, which does not allow temperatures to go down. This will have you constantly concerned about the watering of your lawn to maintain it as required. This will require a fair amount of water, and may at times make you feel guilty of using this scarce resource. You can do your bit for the environment if you make your lawn with artificial grass Phoenix, so that you are saved the trouble of watering it, and can save on the use of water, as well.

    Artificial grass is maintenance friendly and can last a long time. It can be used for residential gardens. It is already very much in use in commercial buildings and in playing areas where grass is required. The artificial grass Phoenix will appear like natural grass even after years of installation when it will continue to look lush and green. The installation is risk free and allows movement freely, thus never posing a risk to the sportsmen who play on it. Continue reading…

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    02 Jul

    The importance of air duct cleaning Peoria AZ

    Most people are really skeptical about air duct cleaning Peoria AZ. But common sense says that if there is dust on the tables, surely there has to be dust in the AC vents or ducts. In fact, there were more and more people in Peoria AZ, who commented on the forums that their allergies had tremendously improved once they ordered an air duct cleaning Peoria AZ. This is how important it is to have a regular cleansing of the air ducts in your AC system. This article will discuss the importance of air duct cleansing in Peoria AZ.

    Many dwellers in Peoria AZ revealed that after they has hired a highly rated cleaner in the area and cleansed the air ducts, they had noticed immediate improvements in the air quality. Most of their loved ones had suffered a fewer amount of allergies afterwards. This has helped the HVAC system to improve its efficiency in leaps and bounds too. This helped them to use the air conditioners less during summer due to the improved airflow. Also, the heaters were used less during winter thanks to its improved efficiency. Continue reading…

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    20 Jun