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  • Speed Racer: What Car Can Go 225 Miles Per Hour?

    Ferrari has built its illustrious reputation on producing beautiful, lightning-fast cars for an elite audience of auto enthusiasts. The Ferrari F12 berlinetta lives up to that well-earned reputation with cutting-edge engineering and a flawless sports car exterior that offers exceptional eye appeal. This elite vehicle made its debut in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show and has earned numerous awards from the automotive community, including the following:

    • 2012 Supercar of the Year title awarded by Top Gear
    • Best Performance and Best Engine over 4.0 liters in the 2013 International Engine of the Year Awards
    • XXIII Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI for 2014

    The V-12 engine of the F12berlinetta delivers exceptional power and performance and is far more efficient than the engine used to power its predecessors, the 599 Series Grand Tourers. Continue reading…

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    12 Sep

    Good riddance, setan

    Good riddance, setan

    Thank you, Vimeo.

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    19 Aug

    It’s a black day

    Its a black day

    It’s truly a very dark day for Malaysia and the world. Not only there was a ground invasion on Gaza, there was a MAS plane shot down by Ukrainian rebels.

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    18 Jul

    Shameless woman screaming and spewing racist slurs

    Not sure what she was so upset about. I get it, it’s a new car (judging from the image capture circulating around on the car information). But just because your car is “damaged” doesn’t give you the right to scream at the top of the lungs and later on blame the poor uncle’s race as a reason for your behaviour. You are truly one shameless woman, bitch. I am even ashamed to admit that you are a Muslim.

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    16 Jul

    This was what happened this morning

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    09 Jul

    Borderlinx says this is “obscene and pornographic”

    Honestly, by what stretch of the imagination can this poster (from by the way, so one knows that this is from a reputable company) be seen as fitting the definition above?

    Borderlinx says this is obscene and pornographic

    Borderlinx has refused to ship this poster to my address, so I’ve decided to get it rerouted to another US address. Paid $35 to get it done as well. Unless this new forwarder I am sending the poster to says the same thing as Borderlinx (which I most definitely doubt!), I really don’t see any problems in getting this. Once this product arrives at my doorstep, I will elaborate on what transpired between Borderlinx and I.

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    01 Jan